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About us

ChessMeet is the social network for chess players that strives to make in-person chess accessible. Through ChessMeet, people may build relationships over the physical chessboard and continue the legacy of this wonderful game. We aim to increase the number of chess players in the world.

The Story

Caressa Valdueza was once an avid chess player.  A simple chess game introduced by her father had lit a fire in her. As she played chess, she made new friends and met people from different walks of life. She also has a lot of memories with her father and grandfather over the chessboard. 

She realized that chess was another way to communicate and build connections with people.

She stopped playing the game for many years until she saw the Queen’s Gambit on
Netflix in 2021. Caressa’s former passion caught up with her again. The memories of her chess legacy flooded back from childhood and a new vision for the game took hold. Now Caressa is on a mission to redefine chess as a fun way for anyone in the world: men, women, beginners, and the LGBTQIA+ community.

In 2022, she started a chess club in New York city while also building the ChessMeet app with her colleagues from graduate school. ChessMeet is dedicated to her father.

Her passions lie in healthcare, education and technology. She now resides in Philadelphia. 

Our Mission​

Our mission is to increase the number of chess players in the world and forge relationships over the chessboard. Make over-the-board (OTB) chess more accessible and affordable.

What Matters to Us:

Sportsmanship, Inclusivity, Friendship


                              ChessMeet Events


                       🗽ChessMeet NYC (2022 – 2024)

                                                                           Featured on     

Social Chess in Midtown, Manhattan
Chess for Adult Beginners

   ChessMeet LGBTQ+ Chess Event was featured on 

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